Bitcoins are undoubtedly the most popular investments right now. Given their high-risk profile and vivid fluctuations, buying a Bitcoin seems to be less appealing variant. Instead, what one may do is to mine them. As of 2018, there are approximately 17 million Bitcoins already mined with 21 million being the largest amount of such possible. How to mine and what are the best softwares for this is explained below.

Mining as a process should be understood as solving a series of increasingly difficult maths equations.  Each one solved equation triggers the release of a new block of bitcoins, some of which the miners get as a reward. However, equations become harder and harder to solve with time, meaning more processing power is needed. To address this issue, people from the whole world started to gather in special mining pools, sharing their efforts as well as rewards.

Most Convenient Mining Software

There is our top of the most useful and efficient programmes to mine cryptocurrencies:

  • GUIMiner,
  • BFGMiner,
  • BitMinter,
  • Asteroid,
  • DiabloMiner.

GUIMiner. This operates in an extremely easy algorithm. One downloads the programme, installs and then gets it running. To finish the installation, one must simply add the details of the participants from the mining pool and start mining. It works with many graphics cards and supports both ATI and NVIDIA graphics processing units, as well as the basic computer processor mining.

BFGMiner. This mining programme embraces remote interface capabilities, meaning that one does not have to be in the same location as his or her mining hardware to control it, instead simply doing it over the web or via the phone. In fact, BFGMiner is a really useful tool, allowing to configure and control cooling fans and more.

BitMinter. For this software to start running, user has to join the mining pool before. One of the main inconveniences of this approach is that the random miners put together in one pool do not always make up a good team. This downside is compensated, though, with its compatibility with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, and offers a decent speed of mining. Latter is of special importance for any miner as one’s possible profits depend on this.

Asteroid. The last but not the least, Asteroid is often used by Mac users. It mines Bitcoin and Litecoin. The programmes’ backend is based on cgminer. Cgminer is the mining engine enabling fan control, monitoring and remote access from a mobile phone.